Monday, February 1, 2010

Double Bastard and College Basketball

There was a post from the previous week about drinking some beer over football. It was never completed, but I'll somehow manage this sports-related post concerning sports and beer. Maybe I'll have room for a Super Bowl edition...
Sunday afternoon is a great time to take in a college basketball game and even better time to take in a beer.

Notice the champagne cap. It works when you can't finish a beer in one sitting.

The game was between my beloved Buckeyes and the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. A few weeks ago, Ohio State laid an egg up in Minneapolis. Revenge was on their mind as two Buckeyes led the way to a game I never saw the end of as the network moved on to a more competitive one. Evan Turner and Will Buford combined for 45 points and 13 assists to put away the Gophers by 22 (85-63). It took their double effort to whip the Gophers into submission.

Much like the game, I had a tough time finishing my entire beer in one sitting. I popped open Stone's Double Bastard, a double version of the popular Arrogant Bastard. While at first I thought "This is a stronger Bastard than before..." that wasn't the whole tale. The only thing that balances the sweet toffee of this huge malt bill is the intense level of hops. I consider myself to be a hophead, but this beer is beyond my threshold. It is thought that the human tongue can only sense a certain level of bitterness. Double Bastard made me feel like that limit was busted tenfold. On top of that, the 10.5% ABV made me slow things down a bit, capping the beer to finish just before dinner.

So, like the Buckeye blowout, I loved it. I don't want to simply beat my team's opponents or my tongue's taste buds; I wanted to pulverize them. This past Sunday allowed me to enjoy both experiences.

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