Friday, February 12, 2010

Beer Blog/Zine Review: Hot Knives'

In the early nineties, we had zines. Zines were like blogs you photocopied. Before anyone could say anything to millions of readers, folks wrote manifestos to copy and paste for tens of people.

The past and present collide with Hot Knives' Greatest Sips. The vegan/vegetarian hipster beer blog published a zine of their favorite beer reviews. And I have to say that for the beers I know, their tastes are right on target. As for the brews I don't know, I plan to learn about them shortly.

Greatest Sips from Hot Knivez on Vimeo.

I, like any beer geek, like to talk beer talk. You know, discussions about esters, Brettanomyces, and hop varieties that make your taste buds water and lips pucker. However, the beer talk can get thick, missing out on the experience the beer enhances. What do you listen to while sipping this beer? What food best pairs? What does the beer make you think about?

Drinking fine craft beer is a bigger experience than raisins, bananas, and bubblegum. I like to talk about the story behind the beer or compare beers to bands and breweries to indie labels. Why can't the discussion about a beer go beyond the ingredients? We should talk about how it makes us feel and which synapse it triggers. Does the beer remind us of a day in July, floating down a river? Does it remind us of a day snowed in with nothing but beer and a fire to keep us warm?

These are beer reviews of the highest order and I suggest you go buy their zine today.

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