Thursday, October 1, 2009

Broadway Brewery

The Broadway Brewery opened a while back, maybe a week or so ago. We finally got our chance to check it out last night. I liked the place so much, I went twice.

The first trip was to get some dinner. The atmosphere is nice with the lights just low enough and the noise level just high enough. I won't get into specifics about the decor, but the bar had a nice semi-circular design with the brewing equipment adjacent and behind some glass.

For dinner, I had the smoked trout pizza with goat cheese and caramelized onions. The crust was good, but the toppings were a little scarce. My bet is they'll add some toppings and up the price a little. Overall, the prices were very reasonable for this condensed menu.

As far as beer goes, they only had two of their own brews on tap, a rye and an APA. I had the rye with dinner. It wasn't one of those hopped up rye-IPA hybrids. This beer was good on its own without an overwhelming hop presence. The beer was very well balanced and rather sessionable. What was particularly impressive was the substantial lacing on my glass as I sipped the beer.

I returned later after a concert fell flat to try the APA. Although it had a similar mouthfeel and lacing to the rye, this beer was a huge disappointment. Maybe I've had too many Schlafly APA's, but this beer doesn't measure up. I couldn't even recognize the hop. I'm sure the beers will get better, but I won't be ordering the APA again.

Besides the house beers, the bar carries a pretty extensive bottle list and there are plenty of taps of your favorite micro.

I look forward to seeing Broadway grow and vary their beer and food menus. It's good to have two breweries in town. Now all we need is a tap house with 50 beers on tap and another 300 in bottles. That and a beer store would make this town complete. Until then, I'll keep going back to Broadway to watch their progress.


  1. Agree. The Rye was pretty excellent (worth talking about), but the APA was sort of blah. How can an APA be blah? Either way, nice place and a fun local place to go and support.

  2. Bottle list is better than most, but a handful of the selections are way overpriced (besides, who orders bottled beer in a brewery). Hopefully the beer gets better, as they get used to the nuances of their equipment.

  3. I assume the bottle list will be phased out as they make more beer. Of course, that may be difficult with their capacity, but we'll see. Still, it's definitely a place to support.


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